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Warning: Runs with Scissors

More spirits.

Spirit: Red Line

Red Line is the spirit of the subway and any tunnels dug underground that are not the sewers. His domain is the train platforms, tracks and all the areas below the ground where the mundane commute around the city. Some say that he was once a nice spirit, but has woefully been corrupted by Blight and is now a bit unpredictable and unstable. Most of the time he's simply broody and avoids people. But sometimes, he lashes out and demands a sort of sacrifice. Usually the bloody sort. Red Line likes violence and he likes darkness. Though they say the sound of the trains passing through lulls him quietly to sleep eventually and once unconcious, everyone is just fine letting him stay that way.

Appearance: Red Line appears to people as a tall man in a dark coat. His features are usually indistinguishable or hidden in shadows under a high collar and low brimmed hat. When angry, you can't see his face at all, just the red glow of his eyes.

Shamans: Red Line's shamans are just as unpredictable and insane. No one is sure what kind of pact is formed between them, but eventually his shamans go completely crazy. In fact, anyone who openly admits to being a shaman of Red Line's is considered suspect and arrested by the Night Watch for detainment. This is because there are very abject rumors of Red Line shamans offering sacrifices to their spirit. Human sacrifices.

Summoning/Communing: Only the most experienced shamans should even attempt summoning Red Line. Especially if he's asleep. He is considered the sleeping beast and better left alone. But, if one absolutely must speak to him, blood is the best way to get his attention.
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