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More Spirits.

Spirit: Score

Score is one of those spirits that you like to call on when you're looking for something in particular or are out bargain hunting. His domain is finding useful things and locating what you need when you need it. He's also in charge of bargains, sales and making something useful out of someone else's junk. Crafters find him a delight to deal with, too, as does anyone in sales and retail or antiques.

Appearance: Score normally appears as the most ordinary person you can imagine. So nondescript that often one can't think of any details when describing him to someone else.

Shamans: Score has a lot of shamans in the city. Bargain hunters and antique dealers mostly, but also some crafters. So long as they live for Score's ideals, they fit right in and he doesn't really ask much from them.

Summoning/Communing: To summon or talk to Score, one need only present a sale sticker with a slashed mark down written on it. To ask him to show one to where a particular item may be found, a picture or drawing or written description of it need be placed in the center of a ritual altar when summoning him to look at it. Even if he can't find it, usually he'll try to lead someone to something just as good if possible.

Spirit: Achoo

Anywhere there are dusty bookshelves, one can find the domain of Achoo. She likes old library stacks and used bookstores, hangs around newspaper stacks and reads anything she can get her hands on. Achoo is a wealth of knowledge and not only can she help someone out in finding a particular book, she can also provide someone with all kinds of reference material and history. If you ask her nicely, that is. She doesn't tolerate foolishness very well and is a busy lady and dislikes delays.

Appearance: Achoo has the stereotypical appearance of a librarian, complete with a pair of glasses on the bridge of her nose and her hair in a bun. She's usually a bit stern looking and dour.

Summoning/Communing: It's suggested that anyone summoning Achoo know what they want to ask first. She gets very impatient with people who take up too much of her time. In order to summon her, one need only open a book or toss some newsprint into a casted circle.
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