Warning: Runs with Scissors (fallofrain) wrote in urbanlegendmux,
Warning: Runs with Scissors

Red Light.

Spirit: Red Light

Red Light represents the red light districts, the brothels and whore houses and street walkers of the city. She is the person to call on when one is seeking a good prostitute, but she's also the patron of the whores and protects them rather fiercely. Anyone who messes with one of Red Light's girls is in for a nasty surprise. She's a bit of a fickle girl, though. If anyone goes against her rules, she tends to snub them and this includes her girls.

Appearances: Red Light always appears as a blonde haired hooker with flashy make-up. She's one of the few spirits seen regularly in reality and if one is lucky, they might even pick her up.

Shamans: Shamans of Red Light are all prostitutes, most of them female.

Summoning/Communing: Sex is one way to get her attention. Offering her a fifty dollar bill in a casted ritual circle is another. Red Light is very easy as long as money is involved somehow. She's also one of the friendliest and least standoffish of the spirits.
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