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The Spirit of the City
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Wednesday, June 1st, 2005
11:41 am
And yet another spirit.
Spirit: Grapevine.

Grapevine's domain is one's own mouth, or the telephone. He's into gossip of all kinds and loves hearing the latest juiciest bits about what's going down, anywhere and everywhere. Lately he's branched out into the internet, message boards and blogs and anywhere one can spread information, especially if it's exaggerated or not entirely true. He also dabbles in the press, though not so much for the legitimate newspapers (other than the gossip columns). Mostly he's got his fingers into the tabloids.

Appearance: Grapevine takes on all kinds of guises and no one is quite sure which one really is him. Sometimes he appears as an old housewife, other times as a tall reporter with a notepad. You'll always find him with some kind of writing device, such as a clipboard or notebook and pen. Though lately he's taken to more modern devices, like laptops and cellphones.

Shamans: Shamans dedicated to Grapevine are very dedicated gossips, all of them. Tell them anything and you'll find the news spread around town faster than you can say 'Telephone'. None of them can keep a secret. In fact, they aren't allowed to if they want to remain a shaman of Grapevine's, cause he wants /all/ the latest gossip.

Summoning/Communing: The best way to get Grapevine's attention is to cast a circle and whisper 'Hey, have I got some gossip for you!'. Grapevine will usually come running.
Monday, May 30th, 2005
12:40 pm
More spirits.
Spirit: Bourbon.

Bourbon is the spirit of alcohol. Bars of all kinds are his domain, as are liquor shops and alcoholics of all varieties. He also has some claim over AA, usually those who regularly fall off the bandwagon. He is a rather depressing spirit, always down and out, much unlike his brother, H, who is the exact opposite with his hyperactivity. Bourbon apathetically champions anyone who runs to the bottle when times get rough.

Appearance: Bourbon always looks like a guy who's hit tough times and been into the bottle a little too much. While sometimes he really is downright drunk, usually he's just tipsy.

Shamans: Bourbon's shamans are all alcoholics of some sort. They are forbidden from AA meetings unless they're there to find anyone who's tumbling off the bandwagon.

Summoning/Communing: The best way to get in touch with Bourbon is to have a nice drink. The toastier one is, the more likely Bourbon will answer. In fact, Bourbon may well manifest just to sit and bemoan life with the shaman and toss back a few drinks until both of them pass out in an alcoholic stupor.
12:11 pm
Shamans and Spirit Summoning.
In Reality, one must be careful. While it is still possible to use magic or mystical abilities, the mundane rules of Reality are restricting and may dampen one's powers. Just being in the presence of mundane humanity can give anyone used to the Otherworld a headache.

Thusly Reality tends to be the domain of the Shaman, who is able to work magic through rituals. These rituals can be anything from a love spell to communing with the spirits who have taken up domains and residences throughout the city. Most Shamans adhere to one spirit in particular, though they are able to summon any spirit in the city if they know how.

Spirits can grant any number of gifts to their shamans. Smog may make it so toxins cannot hinder his shamans while Hollow may render her shamans invisible so long as they hide within any abandoned or condemend structures. They may also grant temporary boons to a shaman who contacts them, regardless of patronage. These gifts and boons are always conditional, however. A Shaman who breaks the rules of her spirit may quickly find herself without that spirit's patronage anymore, thusly losing any gifts she may have had.

Boons are usually temporary. Something a spirit gives a shaman to keep until they complete a quest or a mission or a job. And the boon always has to do with the job, for a spirit finds it better to help the shaman accomplish their mutual goal. Once the job/quest/mission is complete, the boon is then retracted. This isn't to say a shaman gets nothing out of completing a job for a spirit. If nothing else, gaining the favor of a spirit is in itself a reward. It means less trouble the next time the shaman needs something and must contact that particular spirit.

On the other hand, not completing a quest/job/mission for a spirit means instant revoking of the boon anyway. And, the spirit will not likely make itself available to the shaman if he tried to contact it again, or refuse to help said shaman with whatever he needs.
11:51 am
Reality vs. Surreality.
Part of the struggle on Urban Legends MUSH is the fine line between reality and fantasy. It hasn't always been there. Once upon a time, Man walked with Gods and all manner of creatures. Unicorns, dragons, faeries, creatures all considered to be myths in the present. Shamans lived in harmony with magic and nature.

Eventually, however, Man began to resent these creatures, these people with strange and mystical abilities. Strife between them ensued, and built upon itself until finally there came war: The one thing the race of Man was very good at. The Burning Times came and the slaughter that ensued threatened the very balance between magic and science. It threatened to render Mythos utterly extinct, and anyone who resembled them.

Queen Sylvanus stepped forward at this point and joined forces with the Emperor of the Underworld (at the time). Between them they managed to create a barrier that cut off from the rest of the world, making it possible to cross over into a place originally occupied by the Unimagined. Those creatures who never existed past the barrier, in what was now 'Reality'. Thusly the Otherworld came into existence and quickly became a haven for anyone who did not fit into the rigid rules Man now enforced in Reality.

Since then, the barrier has remained intact based on the need to survive. However, the actual dire need for it to remain so has come under fire lately. There are some who believe now is the time to remove it, to reintroduce Reality to Surreality and bring back the mystical elements long gone from Man's collective consciousness. Most prominent among them is Emperor Sistri, who wants to conquer Reality and add it to his domain. But there are others who believe it is no longer necessary to hide from Man, or that their ultimate survival depends on finding new blood.

On the other hand, there are those who do not want the barrier to be removed. Those who want to enforce Reality's rules want the barrier to remain intact, and will do whatever they have to to ensure it. And there are residents of the Otherworld who fear war breaking out and genocide on their own kind again.

(Again, pending approval.)
11:19 am
The Royal Court.
The Overworld and Underworld each have their own Courts. Naturally both of them are very different.

The Royal Court of the Overworld is headed by Queen Sylvanus. Some say she was once a faerie, others claim she's an elf, others still say she's actually a Dream Construct who's managed to take over. Whatever she is, she isn't owning up to it. She is a powerful and beautiful woman known as much for her benevolence as for her mercurial temperment. She lives in the Crystal Tower, the center of the Overworld.

Her children are named Dawn and Dusk and have their own tales to tell. Dawn has been a loyal son and is always found at his mother's side. However, Dusk apparently came in contact with Blight at some point and has since been corrupted. She ran away some time ago and has lived in the Underworld ever since.

Other members of the Court vary. Some are Mythos who have remained within the Overworld, others are Dream Constructs and Lucid Dreamers who have maneuvered through the ranks and won the Queen's favor and been granted noble titles by her.

In the Underworld, the Royal Court is quite different. It is headed by Emperor Sistri, a Mythos demon of firey power who has managed to keep a cohesive hold on the Underworld for several centuries now. He is extremely paranoid and so the Court tends to undergo cleansings all too often. (These cleansings usually involve removing anyone Sistri feels may be plotting against him, regardless of truth or proof.)

The Underworld Royal Court is more like a boardroom and is far more modernized. There are no lords and ladies, merely C.E.O.s and company heads. Sistri maintains the Corporate Headquarters building in the center of the Underworld. A gleaming skyscraper with dark swirling clouds surrounding it and tall, mirroresque windows.

Sistri has no children that anyone knows of. Dusk is his favorite plaything right now and he has officially adopted her as his daughter. (Though who knows how long this fancy will last.)

(This is pending animarelic's approval.)
10:50 am
Faction thingy.
Faction: Sentinels.
Affliation: Overworld.

Overview: The guardians of the Overworld, warriors who serve the Queen and the royal family.

Details: Sentinels come from all walks of life. Mythos, Lucid Dreamers, Dream Constructs, anyone who has the proper qualifications to represent the Overworld by defending it. Sentinels are all granted special gifts by the Queen herself, usually the ability to never need sleep at all and remain ever-awake and ever-aware. But, there is a price for this. They are bound to the Queen's will and will drop everything to attend to her should she call for them.

Sentinels rarely leave the Overworld. Those who do have specific missions they are attending to.
Saturday, May 14th, 2005
9:51 pm
Red Light.
Spirit: Red Light

Red Light represents the red light districts, the brothels and whore houses and street walkers of the city. She is the person to call on when one is seeking a good prostitute, but she's also the patron of the whores and protects them rather fiercely. Anyone who messes with one of Red Light's girls is in for a nasty surprise. She's a bit of a fickle girl, though. If anyone goes against her rules, she tends to snub them and this includes her girls.

Appearances: Red Light always appears as a blonde haired hooker with flashy make-up. She's one of the few spirits seen regularly in reality and if one is lucky, they might even pick her up.

Shamans: Shamans of Red Light are all prostitutes, most of them female.

Summoning/Communing: Sex is one way to get her attention. Offering her a fifty dollar bill in a casted ritual circle is another. Red Light is very easy as long as money is involved somehow. She's also one of the friendliest and least standoffish of the spirits.
9:40 pm
The Overworld.
While the Underworld is known for being dark and violent, the Overworld is a much more cheerful, bright place. A pond of glassy water under a pleasant noonday sun may lead to fluffy clouds that can be walked upon to a stroll down a winding lane. The Overworld is generally considered 'safe' territory, and is kept this way by those who live there. The Sentinels do not suffer the dark forces or nightmare creatures presence and will remove them immediately.

They answer directly to the royal family, who rule the Overworld as benevolently as possible. Slavery is considered illegal. Laws are held fast and those who break them are cast out, sometimes permanently.

The Overworld is most interested in protecting the barrier between reality and surreality. They hire the infamous Night Watch to keep an eye on things in the real world and try to keep anyone from discovering them. They are at direct odds with the Underworld, as there has been a war waged between the two areas for so long no one really remembers when it started anymore.
9:02 pm
Invites are still being hashed out. Hi anyone wanting to check out the community and the news files here. I'll be compiling everything into memories eventually, until I figure out how to do the webpage foo provided by greenwings.

Now, to get back to work on newsfiles.
Thursday, April 7th, 2005
8:40 pm
A little news.
I have slightly opened the community for joining. Requests to join have to be approved, that's all.

<3 There will also be more news files here, soon.
Tuesday, March 1st, 2005
2:53 pm
A note about joining:
Since it's never really been made clear on this journal (And not everyone watching is privy to the staff conversations that go on in game).

This game is by staff invite only.

Unless you are invited by me, fallofrain, greenwings, or nosfertum, you will probably not be allowed.

Yes I will be a mean asshole about this. ^_^ And if you get refferred to me by one of the other staffers, and I tell you to go screw, I'm sorry. Don't take it personally, it's just that because the rules of this game are so loose and relaxed that we have to have a personal and intimate knowledge of a person and their roleplay style to be comfortable with them on the grid.

On the other hand, if you're asked, likely you know us all already anyway. You know that we're all decent and friendly enogh people. If you have a friend that you'd like to have on the game, please let us know and we will consider them. However, if we don't invite all your friends, please don't take offense. There are some people we don't want from previous bad experience. This doesn't make them bad people, it just means we're trying to protect quality of play for everyone.

Also, I am the official go screw person on staff. If I tell you to get lost, you cannot appeal that to another staffer, they'll probably tell you the same thing or send you back to me.

On a happier note!
The grid is almost entirely built. It should be completely finished, barring a few descs that need lengthening and reprising by late tonight or mid tomorrow.

Current Mood: amused
Monday, February 28th, 2005
11:49 pm
More Spirits.
Spirit: Score

Score is one of those spirits that you like to call on when you're looking for something in particular or are out bargain hunting. His domain is finding useful things and locating what you need when you need it. He's also in charge of bargains, sales and making something useful out of someone else's junk. Crafters find him a delight to deal with, too, as does anyone in sales and retail or antiques.

Appearance: Score normally appears as the most ordinary person you can imagine. So nondescript that often one can't think of any details when describing him to someone else.

Shamans: Score has a lot of shamans in the city. Bargain hunters and antique dealers mostly, but also some crafters. So long as they live for Score's ideals, they fit right in and he doesn't really ask much from them.

Summoning/Communing: To summon or talk to Score, one need only present a sale sticker with a slashed mark down written on it. To ask him to show one to where a particular item may be found, a picture or drawing or written description of it need be placed in the center of a ritual altar when summoning him to look at it. Even if he can't find it, usually he'll try to lead someone to something just as good if possible.

Spirit: Achoo

Anywhere there are dusty bookshelves, one can find the domain of Achoo. She likes old library stacks and used bookstores, hangs around newspaper stacks and reads anything she can get her hands on. Achoo is a wealth of knowledge and not only can she help someone out in finding a particular book, she can also provide someone with all kinds of reference material and history. If you ask her nicely, that is. She doesn't tolerate foolishness very well and is a busy lady and dislikes delays.

Appearance: Achoo has the stereotypical appearance of a librarian, complete with a pair of glasses on the bridge of her nose and her hair in a bun. She's usually a bit stern looking and dour.

Summoning/Communing: It's suggested that anyone summoning Achoo know what they want to ask first. She gets very impatient with people who take up too much of her time. In order to summon her, one need only open a book or toss some newsprint into a casted circle.
10:24 pm
Races + Subraces ULM
Player Character Races:
Human - Every day average joe.
Dream Construct - A creature of the dream (or nightmare) given physical form in this world.
Nightmare - A creature that lives in the dream and is affiliated with the nightmare.
Dreamling - A creature that lives in the dream and is affiliated with the dreaming.

Mythos - A mythological creature that lives in the physical world and has human form.
Subraces of Mythos:

Immortal - A mythological creature that has lived so long in human form that it has forgotten (or it has been forgotten) what it once was. Generally these are agless beings, or creatures that age very slowly. Their true heritage may be any sort of creature. Almost all true creatures are in this class, and exceptions must be taken up with staff prior to approval or character conception.

The following are a list of subraces that may be taken, and are applicable to a human with a relation to the named mythos, in any traceable amount. Generally, once it gets past the stage where a mythos is a great-great-great grandrelative, the blood is not strong enough to have much of an effect (if any) on the person. The closer the relation, the stronger the connection with the spirit world, dream, or etc.

-Werefolk (these are humanoid enough to still exist as per normal in human society, if they are careful.)
-Vampires (these are humanoid enough to still exist as per normal in human society, if they are careful.)
-Pegasus/Centuar/Other Equine creature
-Other (Accepted only with prior staff approval and a full writeup of the creature desired.)

Remember, with the exception of Were-creatures and Vampires, this is only a blood relation to said creatures. The character will have been raised as a human, will look like a human, and with the exception of perhaps abnormal talent or two, will consider themselves human. Very very few Mythos are lucky enough to know what sort of creature they are, but those with close enough blood may feel as though they were born in the wrong sort of body.

Anything I forgot, guys?

Current Mood: creative
Monday, February 21st, 2005
12:03 am
I was considering creating a few 'feature' characters. Perhaps ones that would be staff run rather than player run. I just had this idea occur to me and you know me and ideas. Prophecies are fun.

I dunno, hell I might turn this game into a novel. XD

Anyway. The theme of the game seems to be swinging toward the idea of fantasy and reality being separate areas. But the world is changing and line between the two is getting thinner and threatening to break. Of course there are factions wanting the break down to happen, and there are factions who have steadfastly made sure the worlds remained separate for a very long time (tm).

I am thinking there is a legend that when the prophet meets the preacher, the age of magic will return. That once upon a time, this world's boundries were not quite so separated as they are now, and it was the advent of Christianity that forced the line to become so thick. With Christianity eroding and losing power, the balance of power is shifting and the line is becoming weaker again. Once upon a time, the prophet met the preacher and began the era of reality. If this happens again, there is another shift.

Of course both the prophet and the preacher have existed at various other times in history and been successfully kept apart. If they exist in this day and age, no one's talking about it.
Wednesday, February 16th, 2005
10:28 am
And now for something completely different.
The Night Watch.

Guardians are always necessary in this day and age, especially as the line between reality and fantasy becomes thinner and thinner. The Night Watch is an affliate of the Overworld's, contracted specifically to keep an eye on things in the mundane world and stop any nightmares or evildoers from gaining a foothold there.

Their affliation is loose, however, and they are sometimes seen as a group of mercenaries, hiring out their services to the royalty of the Overworld. They don't work for free, paid protectors of the current status quo. Night Watchmen come in all sizes and shapes and flavors. Dream Constructs of a more combat vent often find this line of work to be their forte, allowing them a kind of existence they wouldn't normally have, outside of the Otherworld. Lucid Dreamers may also be hired in to help keep an eye on things.

The Night Watch is a very vigilant group, keeping extensive files on those who have been declared criminals in the Overworld. Some day they've gone too far these days, rumors of unwarranted arrests and unlawful detentions surfacing lately.

(I'm sure I'll think of more to add to this.)
10:11 am
More spirits.
Spirit: Red Line

Red Line is the spirit of the subway and any tunnels dug underground that are not the sewers. His domain is the train platforms, tracks and all the areas below the ground where the mundane commute around the city. Some say that he was once a nice spirit, but has woefully been corrupted by Blight and is now a bit unpredictable and unstable. Most of the time he's simply broody and avoids people. But sometimes, he lashes out and demands a sort of sacrifice. Usually the bloody sort. Red Line likes violence and he likes darkness. Though they say the sound of the trains passing through lulls him quietly to sleep eventually and once unconcious, everyone is just fine letting him stay that way.

Appearance: Red Line appears to people as a tall man in a dark coat. His features are usually indistinguishable or hidden in shadows under a high collar and low brimmed hat. When angry, you can't see his face at all, just the red glow of his eyes.

Shamans: Red Line's shamans are just as unpredictable and insane. No one is sure what kind of pact is formed between them, but eventually his shamans go completely crazy. In fact, anyone who openly admits to being a shaman of Red Line's is considered suspect and arrested by the Night Watch for detainment. This is because there are very abject rumors of Red Line shamans offering sacrifices to their spirit. Human sacrifices.

Summoning/Communing: Only the most experienced shamans should even attempt summoning Red Line. Especially if he's asleep. He is considered the sleeping beast and better left alone. But, if one absolutely must speak to him, blood is the best way to get his attention.
Tuesday, February 15th, 2005
11:07 pm
More Spirits stuff.
Spirit: Blight

Blight is the spirit of urban decay, related directly to Smog insofar as the two are brothers. Blight is far nastier than Smog, however, and delights in ruining things that were once beautiful and bright. Blight is the grime that covers the sidewalk, the trash and litter covering the ground, the crumbling weight of old buildings worn down by time and weather. Wherever there is urban decay, one can attribute it to Blight's corruption. Deceptive and mischevious, some refer to Blight as the Urban Devil. He delights in playing tricks on others, especially if it leads someone or something into ruin.

Appearance: Blight's actual appearance is a tall, lanky boy with beady black eyes and long fingers. His teeth are usally very pointy. He takes on all kinds of guises, usually of nightmarish creatures and humanoids.

Shamans: Blight's shamans are nasty people, tricksters of the worst sort with cruel intentions. Their goal is the corruption of others, not just the furthering of urban decay and decline.

Summoning/Communing: It is highly advised that anyone attempting to contact Blight be very careful. If one is not properly protected, Blight will do his damndest to hurt them. Sometimes he's even known to leave charms and sigils on a person without their knowledge. Blight can be contacted by destroying things, such as smashing bottles on the ground or breaking something.
Monday, February 14th, 2005
8:46 pm
Spirit: Yellow Light

Yellow Light is the spirit of traffic flow. While her brother's domain is the streets themselves, she claims the intersections and streetlamps and street signs that give order to the chaos and maintain traffic flow. She is a strict disciplinarian and does not like people going against her rules. Her brother, Vroom, often frustrates her with his constant inattention to things.

Appearance: Yellow Light usually looks like a traffic cop, complete with a whistle in her mouth.

Shamans: Shamans of Yellow Light's are kinda rare, actually. There aren't many people interested in traffic lights, after all. Most of the time, people call on her to will a light to turn green.

Summoning/Communing: Blowing a whistle can get Yellow Light's attention pretty fast. However, she really really gets tired of people asking her to redirect traffic for them and rarely grants that kind of request.

Spirit: Muck

The sewers are rather stinky places, and Murk doesn't seem to mind this. His domain is anywhere beneath the city where the sewage and waste flow. He also has some domain over the landfills, though there are also also some lesser spirits out there as well. He is actually a very friendly spirit, who likes to talk to people and hear stories from them. Sadly, because he has such an abhorrent appearance, there are few willing to really talk to him for long.

Appearance: Murk looks like a glob of refuse, literally. Moving around like some kind of living ooze.

Shamans: Shamans of Murk live in the sewers, or close to. They tend not to care if they get a little dirty and abstain from showering that often or practicing good hygiene very well.

Summoning/Communing: Head for the nearest sewer grate to contact Muck. You might have to get your hands a little dirty, too. To actually speak to him at length, one must enter the sewers.
8:12 pm
Spirit: Vroom

Vroom is the spirit of traffic and his domain is the streets of the city as well as alleys and parking lots and garages. He's a rather energetic and bouncy spirit who can't quite sit still and moves around constantly. Some would say he has ADHD, if spirits could be diagnosed with psychological disorders. He's Yellow Light's little brother and gives her the run around rather often.

Appearance: Vroom's actual appearance is a plastic toy car. More often he is seen as a young kid of around five or six. Either way, he's wearing something red. Either a red paint job or a red jumpsuit.

Shamans: Shamans of Vroom are always on the go and love to drive their vehicles anywhere and everywhere. Often, Vroom asks them to bring back trinkets from wherever they go, if they should happen to leave the city to travel.

Summoning/Communing: Vroom is easy to call on if one is in his or her car at the time. Outside a vehicle, it can be a little more difficult, but not impossible. One can use toy cars as offerings, or trinkets and souvenirs brought back from trips to get his attention. Vroom is notorious for losing focus, however. Once contacted, make it quick or he might just take off before you're done.
12:57 am
Spirit: Hollow

Hollow is the spirit of condemend buildings and abandoned places. Shut down factories, boarded up houses, abandoned playgrounds, weed infested parking lots, etc, are all her domain. She is also the mourner of lost spirits, those minor ones who expire like a candle in the wind thanks to the dynamics of the city and its penchant to destroy in order to revive. She is Urchin's mother, and shelters both her and any of her people within the abandoned halls of her domain and she is considered an associate of Mace's, offering protection to anyone Mace refers to her. A melancholy spirit, she always seems on the verge of tears.

Appearence: Hollow's true appearance is that of a ghostly woman in white. She sometimes appears as a tired old cleaning lady in a gaudy colored apron and kerchief.

Shamans: Hollow's shamans live in her domain, taking up residence anywhere that's considered abandoned or condemned.

Summoning/Communing: The only way to get in touch with Hollow is to cast a ritual in an abandoned building (or anywhere considered abandoned). She most often grants succor to anyone who asks it, sheltering them for as long as they need it.
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