Warning: Runs with Scissors (fallofrain) wrote in urbanlegendmux,
Warning: Runs with Scissors

More Spirits stuff.

Spirit: Blight

Blight is the spirit of urban decay, related directly to Smog insofar as the two are brothers. Blight is far nastier than Smog, however, and delights in ruining things that were once beautiful and bright. Blight is the grime that covers the sidewalk, the trash and litter covering the ground, the crumbling weight of old buildings worn down by time and weather. Wherever there is urban decay, one can attribute it to Blight's corruption. Deceptive and mischevious, some refer to Blight as the Urban Devil. He delights in playing tricks on others, especially if it leads someone or something into ruin.

Appearance: Blight's actual appearance is a tall, lanky boy with beady black eyes and long fingers. His teeth are usally very pointy. He takes on all kinds of guises, usually of nightmarish creatures and humanoids.

Shamans: Blight's shamans are nasty people, tricksters of the worst sort with cruel intentions. Their goal is the corruption of others, not just the furthering of urban decay and decline.

Summoning/Communing: It is highly advised that anyone attempting to contact Blight be very careful. If one is not properly protected, Blight will do his damndest to hurt them. Sometimes he's even known to leave charms and sigils on a person without their knowledge. Blight can be contacted by destroying things, such as smashing bottles on the ground or breaking something.
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