Warning: Runs with Scissors (fallofrain) wrote in urbanlegendmux,
Warning: Runs with Scissors


I was considering creating a few 'feature' characters. Perhaps ones that would be staff run rather than player run. I just had this idea occur to me and you know me and ideas. Prophecies are fun.

I dunno, hell I might turn this game into a novel. XD

Anyway. The theme of the game seems to be swinging toward the idea of fantasy and reality being separate areas. But the world is changing and line between the two is getting thinner and threatening to break. Of course there are factions wanting the break down to happen, and there are factions who have steadfastly made sure the worlds remained separate for a very long time (tm).

I am thinking there is a legend that when the prophet meets the preacher, the age of magic will return. That once upon a time, this world's boundries were not quite so separated as they are now, and it was the advent of Christianity that forced the line to become so thick. With Christianity eroding and losing power, the balance of power is shifting and the line is becoming weaker again. Once upon a time, the prophet met the preacher and began the era of reality. If this happens again, there is another shift.

Of course both the prophet and the preacher have existed at various other times in history and been successfully kept apart. If they exist in this day and age, no one's talking about it.
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