Warning: Runs with Scissors (fallofrain) wrote in urbanlegendmux,
Warning: Runs with Scissors

The Overworld.

While the Underworld is known for being dark and violent, the Overworld is a much more cheerful, bright place. A pond of glassy water under a pleasant noonday sun may lead to fluffy clouds that can be walked upon to a stroll down a winding lane. The Overworld is generally considered 'safe' territory, and is kept this way by those who live there. The Sentinels do not suffer the dark forces or nightmare creatures presence and will remove them immediately.

They answer directly to the royal family, who rule the Overworld as benevolently as possible. Slavery is considered illegal. Laws are held fast and those who break them are cast out, sometimes permanently.

The Overworld is most interested in protecting the barrier between reality and surreality. They hire the infamous Night Watch to keep an eye on things in the real world and try to keep anyone from discovering them. They are at direct odds with the Underworld, as there has been a war waged between the two areas for so long no one really remembers when it started anymore.
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